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Experienced professionals

Your skills and expertise are needed

Many ambitious students and recent graduates are volunteering with us and they need your support. Meet our young volunteers when it is convenient for you. Help them explore different career paths and get a better start in their professional life.

How to get involved

You can support our volunteers in various ways.

Mentoring Sessions

Meet a group of young people at your convenience and tell them about your career journey. Each session lasts only about 40 minutes.

1-2-1 Mentoring

Build a lasting relationship with one of our volunteers. Help a motivated and hard-working young person navigate a route to career success.

Training Sessions

We can happily organise a workshop, seminar or skills session with you. Help a larger group of students and recent graduates develop valuable skills.

Company Visits

Invite several young people to your office and help them get a taste of working life. Tell them about your job or give them an opportunity to observe you at work.

Our Mentors

Talented professionals from different backgrounds and age groups.

Our volunteers benefit from the mentorship of professionals at various stages of their careers, from young professionals to senior executives. They meet our volunteers periodically or once in a while when they have time. Either way, our mentors are making a real difference.

Mentors supported our volunteers over the last three years.
“It was a great opportunity to meet bright and ambitious young people. Thinking about interesting projects these volunteers work on and sharing insights from my experience is incredibly rewarding.”
Ioana Tica-Horvath, Manager at Ernst & Young
“As a young professional, I find mentoring much rewarding. Sharing my knowledge and experience with my mentees is a unique opportunity for me to step outside my comfort zone and to build leadership skills.”
“I truly enjoyed meeting bright students and recent graduates. Being able to support them and share my experience from when I started as a junior consultant has been extremely rewarding. I believe we were learning from each other during the meetings.”
“This initiative enables young people to put theories into practice, solving problems in the real world! I am happy to be a part of it as a mentor.”
Kai Joo Jason Ho, Entrepreneur
“My time as a mentor has been great for two reasons: You re-think the way you perform your job and learn while ‘teaching’. It was a unique experience for me and I look forward to meeting other volunteers.”

What we look for

Become a mentor today

An easy way to give back to society. No ongoing commitment.

Show our volunteers the right way.

Please let us know if you are interested in assisting our volunteers. You can meet our teams either in person or through online platforms on any day. Contribute whenever you are available and however you prefer. We strongly believe that mentoring should be stress-free and enjoyable.

Whether you are based in the UK or elsewhere in the world, we can always find an innovative way to cooperate with you. Our volunteers are incredibly passionate about learning and always ready to meet you.

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