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Ready to take on the challenge?

Work on our projects as a pro bono management consultant. Step out of your comfort zone. Stand out from the crowd.

“I worked on a project with a multi-national corporation, listed on the London Stock Exchange. I am extremely grateful for this unique opportunity that gave me the possibility to learn a wide range of professional skills and work in a team with motivated and talented colleagues. I would highly recommend volunteering with FSC!”

“I joined FSC as an academic looking to gain business experience. While I hold a PhD and am used to data analysis, I had no experience working on strategic business issues as part of a team. In leading two projects with FSC, I was able to gain management experience and industry insight. I have no doubt that having my FSC experiences on my CV helped me gain interviews at consulting firms. The strength of the experience provided great talking points during interviews, and I ultimately gained an offer at my top choice firm.”

“Working on an FSC project was a great chance for me to meet some interesting people and to cooperate with a team. It was also a great opportunity to work directly with a real-life client, conduct market research, and create reports. I definitely recommend volunteering with First Step Consulting to everyone.”

Martyna Matylda Szyrle, Consultant at McKinsey & Company
“As an experienced strategy consultant, working in the oil and gas sector, I had been seeking an opportunity to work in the developmental space – to apply and develop my skills while at the same time gain exposure to the social sector. I worked on a project for a technology-enabled educational venture that develops a mobile app to help children with autism spectrum disorder access education. First Step Consulting provided me with exactly what I was looking for, while also supporting me along the way to deliver the project successfully.”
“The delivery of legal services is changing. Clients expect lawyers to have an excellent grasp of the law but they also need them to have a complete understanding of the wider commercial matters affecting their organisation. I have always taken an active interest in certain sectors but having an intellectual grasp of commercial issues is not the same as having an active working knowledge of them. This is why I approached First Steps Consulting. I can honestly say that it was one of the best professional decisions I have ever made. I worked on a project advising a European technology company on their international growth strategy and met several mentors, such as a senior figure at Inc. Ultimately I have been able to transfer this knowledge into my role as an Executive at a national law firm. I would recommend this organisation to anyone looking to further their knowledge and any organisation that needs some consultancy services.”

“Working with First Step Consulting has allowed me to interact with and learn from people who are genuinely passionate about consulting – including students, industry mentors, professional consultants and CEOs.”

“Working on a project with First Step Consulting has been an excellent opportunity to increase my exposure to the world of consulting. Communicating directly with clients, attending workshops and working with skilled professionals has helped me to develop a variety of teamwork and organisational skills which will prove essential as I enter the workplace. This is therefore an opportunity which I would highly recommend.”

“First Step Consulting has provided me with a fantastic insight into management consulting – I feel that the analytical, team-work and presentation skills that I have developed are directly transferable to what real management consulting firms do today. I really enjoyed being able to speak to a real client and directly help them improve their organisation. This experience is something that I would recommend to any student.”
Noor Din, Student at University College London
“You are placed in the shoes of a management consultant and get familiar with the job. It allows you to realise whether this career is for you. It also helped me secure a job in London and make new friends.”
“With my degree background in philosophy, I realised the need to become involved in a project that would develop my practical skills and prove to employers that I was serious about a career in consulting. Since joining First Step Consulting, I have gained hands-on experience with project work that I would not have been able to gain through my degree. The opportunity to work directly with clients has proven to be the most valuable element of the programme. I was able to engage dynamically with our clients’ business models, and develop a level of understanding far deeper than what would have been possible otherwise. I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to accelerate their future career.”

How it works

Help us transform an organisation. Accelerate your career.

Expected Workload

10-12 hours of work per week.
Weekly team meetings in Central London.
Occasional client meetings.


Spring projects: Late January – Early April
Summer projects: Late June – Early September
Autumn projects: Late October – Early January

Become a pro bono consultant

What you need to join

A rewarding learning experience for committed volunteers.

Our projects are demanding and the selection process is rigorous. We recruit highly dedicated volunteers only. But no previous work experience is required and also you don’t need to have studied business to join us.

We love diversity

Hundreds of volunteers from different academic disciplines, cultures, age groups and universities
worked on our projects. We cooperate with volunteers of all backgrounds.

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We are here to help our volunteers advance their careers.

the career ladder.

Each committed pro bono consultant can significantly contribute to our success and we are determined to support our volunteers in every possible way.

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We would love to hear from anyone interested in joining our team and look forward to collaborating with you too.

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