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What we do

Rigorous Analysis. Actionable Recommendations.

You might be reluctant to cooperate with external consultants or perhaps you are put off by the fees of traditional consulting firms. We believe what we are offering is unparalled and invite you to take a closer look at our services.

Customer Insights

Gain a deep understanding of your existing and potential customers. Target the right segments.

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Market Entry

Avoid unnecessary risks and harmful competition while entering a new market with a detailed plan of action.

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Product Development

Find out what value your customers place on different product features. Develop customer-led products.

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Competitive Analysis

Keep an eye on your direct and indirect competitors to spot trends, reveal best practices, and carve out a niche.

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Global Expansion

An extensive analysis of emerging
trends and markets around the world
can reveal many opportunities.

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Employee Insights

Your employees are your best source of information. Get to know them better and improve workforce productivity.

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Price Optimisation

Discover the real value of your products or services for your customers. Don’t leave any money on the table.

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Impact Assessment

Measure your social impact or assess
the potential impact of technologies
or products you are developing.

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Growth Strategy

Refine your strategy, find the most optimal way to scale your business, create a competitive advantage.

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Stakeholder Analysis

Systematically analyse your partners, suppliers, beneficiaries and other primary stakeholders.

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Business War Games

Let us study your ecosystem and help
you step into the shoes of your rivals
in a realistic negotiation game.

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Solutions tailored to your needs

We listen carefully to our clients and always provide customised solutions. Please have a look at our client case studies to discover the diverse range of projects we worked on.

Client Stories

Major consulting projects
successfully delivered


Hours invested in
every project

What makes us unique

A model that is the first of its kind.

Our Pro Bono Consultants

Carefully selected, extremely dedicated volunteers.

Many of our pro bono consultants have studied and worked
at some of the world’s most selective and prestigious institutions.

Who we work with

From early stage startups to multinational corporations, we serve all kinds of clients.

“I am impressed with the quality and robustness of the report provided and have read every word with great interest. The findings have sparked questions which I have posed to my commercial leaders within our business. I would like to congratulate First Step Consulting again for their excellent work.”

Chief Executive Officer, Multinational Corporation

“I am glad we worked with First Step Consulting while repositioning our brand in the UK. They did an outstanding job and we learned a lot about our target market. As a foreign company, we will always need a reliable local partner and I look forward to working with First Step Consulting again in the future.”

Vice President, Apparel Company

“They conducted research to help develop a growth strategy for one of our portfolio companies. Unlike what we experienced with large consulting firms, the team worked closely with us and offered more than off-the-shelf services.”

Limited Partner, Venture Capital Fund

“Our work with First Step Consulting gave us an in-depth view of our core market enabling us to size our market and develop our pricing strategy. We were thoroughly impressed by the team’s diligence and professionalism throughout the project and look forward to working on future projects.”

CEO, Healthcare Startup

“First Step Consulting did a competitive analysis for us and demonstrated excellent skills in terms of understanding the brief, even though the market is not an obvious one and the competition landscape is complex. They were able to address specific problems and put together a great list of suggestions.”

Founder, Social Enterprise

“It was the first time ever we decided to hire consultants. They were quick to understand our needs and managed to deliver exactly what we were expecting from this consulting engagement. We had a positive experience working with First Step Consulting and are grateful for their support.”

Senior Executive, Family Business

“The team helped us understand the expectations of our customers much better than before. They analysed data from hundreds of consumers in our target market and their suggestions have been very precise and clear. This way we managed to further optimise our product portfolio.”

Product Manager, Hardware Startup

“Their consultants made us realise that we must change our fundraising strategy altogether and identified numerous major areas for improvement. They challenged our assumptions and worked with us to revise the way we communicate with our supporters and beneficiaries.”

Trustee, Charity

“We knew we could be more efficient as a department and that is why we asked First Step Consulting to analyse relations among our teams. The work was done professionally and we also enjoyed collaborating with their pro bono consultants. Importantly, their findings helped us boost collaboration and productivity within our department in a very short span of time.”

Head of Department, Insurance Company

“We were struggling to figure out why some of our branches in London are underperforming. Their consultants worked with our branch managers and managed to reveal multiple issues we must address and to generate creative ideas. Their work really enabled us to save time and money.”

Regional Manager, Restaurant Chain

“They created a roadmap to help us enter the US market. We often refer back to the report they provided. It is very insightful with practical suggestions.”

Co-founder, Translation Company

“We worked with First Step Consulting to discover the customer segments we should target and identify the most important product applications for a new Internet publishing platform. I can say that the results far exceeded our expectations. Our overall impression is that they are a highly capable and professional organisation who deliver excellent results.”

CTO, Digital Startup

“It was difficult to attract top talent in our industry and we had to hire several account managers as part of an expansion plan. We were recommended to get in touch with First Step Consulting and they worked on our HR and talent management strategy. Now we are better positioned to expand our team.”

Managing Director, Marketing Agency


How can we help your organisation?

Insights and recommendations to help you see things differently.

We help our clients formulate winning strategies.

If you submit a request for proposal or send us an email, we can gladly work with you to understand your needs and translate these challenges into thoughtfully scoped projects.

Once we agree that we can help you overcome your business challenges, we can also assemble a team of professional engagement managers and dedicated pro bono consultants with the most appropriate skills to serve your needs.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will only take on an engagement if we believe we can deliver tangible results and exceed your expectations.

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