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What is missing?

Work experience + Soft skills

Young people must gain work experience

The majority (76%) of UK businesses think that a lack of work experience is the reason young people are unprepared for work.[3] In fact, around a third of graduate recruiters say that graduates with no work experience have little chance of receiving a job offer.[4]

They also need to develop soft skills

Similarly, more than half (57%) of UK employers believe that young people are lacking basic ‘soft’ skills, such as communication, resilience or time management, to succeed in the working world and that this hinders young people’s readiness for work.[5]

Skills to develop

Employers are particularly dissatisfied with the following soft skills of graduates.*


Business Awareness










Problem solving

Young people are not to be blamed

They have limited opportunity to learn what employers want.

Students and recent graduates have limited opportunity to gain hands-on experience and work-related skills. Only around 30% of UK employers offer work experience placements to young people in education and a minority of them (6%) offer internships. Not all large organisations with over 100 employees do offer internships either – only about a quarter (27%) of them recruit interns.[6]

Every young person deserves the best possible start in their careers.

Our solution

We offer a simple yet effective remedy to this alarming problem.

Our volunteers

Research shows that there is a shortage of work-readiness programmes in existence for young people.[7] That is why we make every effort to equip ambitious university students and recent graduates with the skills they need and to help them establish a foothold in the world of work.

Many of our volunteers are aged 25 or under and they work on the challenging consultancy projects we run to gain meaningful work experience and to build career skills such as problem solving, commercial awareness, self-management, and teamwork — all of which are the skills valued by employers. Importantly, these volunteers can contribute to our projects in their own time, even while studying or working full-time.

Join our community

We need your support to reach to more young people.

Even recent graduates from Britain’s top universities face a battle to land a decent job and the demoralising prospect of scores of unanswered job applications. This is a pressing problem as the social cost of alienated, disappointed and frustrated youth can be very high. That is why we invite you to join our community or support our cause. As an independent social enterprise, our work would not be possible without the support of our volunteers, clients, mentors, and supporters.