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Commonly Asked Questions

Find answers to some frequently asked questions.

I want to make a career change and break into consulting. Can I join? 2017-05-13T15:42:27+00:00

At First Step Consulting we make every effort to design rewarding and diverse management consulting projects. By committing to our projects, while working a full-time job, you can gain practical, hands-on consulting experience and apply your expertise to make a real difference to the success of our clients.

Can I join while working full-time? 2016-05-31T05:19:06+00:00

Professionals are always welcome to join our community. You can either mentor our teams or work on one of our consulting projects if you are confident that you can spend around 10 hours per week throughout the project. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

How much choice is there in assignments? 2016-05-31T05:18:04+00:00
We make every effort to offer multiple projects to each successful candidate to better understand their preferences. However this does not necessarily mean that everybody always ends up on their first-choice assignment, although we certainly try to make this happen.
I am a mature student with years of work experience. Can I join? 2015-06-02T01:11:49+00:00
You are more than welcome to submit an application. This would be a good opportunity to share your experiences with your colleagues, whilst working on a challenging business problem.
I have no work experience. Can I join? 2015-06-02T01:12:30+00:00
No previous work experience is required to join our teams. First Step Consulting aims to help young people break the vicious ‘no experience, no job’ cycle. Please feel free to submit an application whenever you are available.
I am not living in London. Can I join? 2015-06-21T14:22:13+00:00
It should be possible as long as you would be able to meet your team members once a week in London. Some of our former pro bono consultants were living in other cities, such as Oxford and Luton.
What happens once I submit an application? 2016-05-31T05:20:37+00:00
We carefully review each application and invite the successful applicants to interview. Through a rigorous recruitment process, we collect as much information as possible about each candidate to find them matching projects.
Will I meet my client in person? 2017-05-13T15:42:27+00:00
It depends on the project and the availability of our clients. In some cases our teams provide consulting services to organisations based outside London or even in other countries. Therefore it might be hard to meet the clients in person. However all of our consultants directly collaborate with their clients even if this is achieved by means of online communication.
What other documents will I be asked to submit? 2015-06-02T01:14:56+00:00
You will also need to submit a standard certificate of registration issued by your university if you are a current student.
Will I be asked to submit my ID? 2015-06-02T01:15:17+00:00
We need to see your ID (e.g. your passport) and make a copy of it. This is a legal requirement.
Can international students on a (Tier 4) student visa join? 2016-06-16T03:35:22+00:00
All students and recent graduates, regardless of their background, are always welcome to apply to join us as pro bono consultants. However we would like to boldly underline that international students, who are on Tier 4 Student visa, are not allowed to work for more than 20 hours per week in the UK during their studies. This is strictly prohibited by law. Any voluntary work counts towards that 20 hours per week working limit and it is fully your responsibility to make sure that you work less than 20 hours in total in any week. Our pro bono consultants should not spend more than 15 hours per week on their projects.

In the case of doubt, please contact us.

Will I sign a confidentiality agreement? 2017-05-13T15:42:28+00:00
In most cases we ask our pro bono consultants to sign a confidentiality agreement before they start working on their projects. The confidentiality of our clients is of the utmost importance.
Will I get paid? 2017-05-13T15:42:28+00:00
All of our pro bono consultants work on a voluntary basis. Therefore they are not entitled to receive remuneration and/or benefits that an employee may be entitled to receive.

There are not any paid positions available for the time being but please check our website periodically.

How many people will be working on my project? 2016-06-20T21:03:19+00:00
We usually assign 5-6 pro bono consultants to each project.
When will your projects start? 2015-06-02T01:18:08+00:00
We run three rounds of projects starting in October, January and July every year. However please submit your application whenever you are available so that we can discuss further.
Can I join while doing an internship? 2016-05-31T05:14:19+00:00
It is possible to commit to our projects whilst working full-time but the expected workload would still be around 10 hours per week.
Can I join while studying full-time? 2015-06-02T01:18:52+00:00
Full-time students are more than welcome to join. Our projects are designed in parallel with the academic commitments of UK students.
What is the expected workload? 2016-06-20T21:08:26+00:00
Each pro bono consultant is expected to spend around 10 hours per week individually on her project and to meet her colleagues at least once a week.
What kind of projects are you running? 2017-05-13T15:42:28+00:00
To better understand the nature of our projects, please see our client case studies.