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First Step Consulting is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to enhancing the employability of young people.

We run management consulting projects with the help of committed volunteers joining us as pro bono consultants. Our consultants climb the career ladder. Our clients access high quality consulting services.

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Why We Exist

UK businesses struggle to find sufficient work-ready graduates; hundreds of graduate vacancies go unfilled; employers blame a lack of work experience and soft skills.
Yet most students and recent graduates have limited opportunity to develop work-related skills and gain hands-on experience. In fact, only about one third of UK employers offer work experience placements to young people.*
We aim to help ambitious young people break this vicious ‘no experience, no job’ cycle. Our rewarding consulting projects are tailored to fit around study and enable students and graduates to enhance their employability.
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How It Works

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Solve Real Life Problems

Learn how to better approach business problems and manage projects in a structured way.

Gain Invaluable Experience

Work on real management consulting projects with real clients and gain hands-on work experience.

Develop Transferable Skills

Better understand what skills they lack most and how to acquire an impressive skill set.

Learn From Professionals

Benefit from the guidance and support of experienced professionals mentoring our teams.

Expand Their Network

Interact with like-minded people from different cultures, age groups, universities and backgrounds.

Stand Out

Boost their CVs, impress employers and improve their chances of getting the jobs they want.

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From Our Pro bono Consultants


“I worked on a project with a multi-national corporation, listed on the London Stock Exchange. I am extremely grateful for this unique opportunity that gave me the possibility to learn a wide range of professional skills and work in a team with motivated and talented colleagues. I would highly recommend volunteering with FSC!”

“You are placed in the shoes of a management consultant and get familiar with the job. It allows you realise whether this career is for you. It also helped me secure a job in a consulting firm in London and make new friends.”
“Working on a project with First Step Consulting has been an excellent opportunity to increase my exposure to the world of consulting. Communicating directly with clients, attending workshops and working with skilled professionals has helped me to develop a variety of teamwork and organisational skills which will prove essential as I enter the workplace. This is therefore an opportunity which I would highly recommend.”

“I joined FSC as an academic looking to gain business experience. While I hold a PhD, and am used to data analysis and problem solving, I had no experience working on strategic business issues as part of a team. In leading two projects with FSC, I was able to gain management experience and industry insight. I have no doubt that having my FSC experiences on my CV helped me gain interviews at top management consulting firms. The strength of the experience provided great talking points during interviews, and I ultimately gained an offer at my top choice firm.”
“Working on a FSC project was a great chance for me to meet some interesting people and practice my ability to cooperate in a team, but also to work directly with a real-life client, conduct some market research and prepare final reports. I definitely recommend this experience to everyone who would like to check out what working in consulting sector might mean.”
“FSC is a great way of working on real-life business problems and making an impact. As a student, one can seldom have such an experience.”
“Working with First Step Consulting has allowed me to interact and learn from people who are genuinely passionate about consulting -including students, industry mentors, professional management consultants and CEOs.”
“I experienced direct communication with the client and solved practical problems within a broad range of fields, while being part of a dynamic team structure consisting of members with versatile sets of skills. Volunteering with FSC represented a rewarding experience to acquire and enhance skills which are often neglected during academic education.”
“A wonderful opportunity to work with a range of talented people on a challenging project.”
“As an experienced strategy consultant, working in the oil and gas sector, I had been seeking an opportunity to work in the developmental space – to apply and develop my skills while at the same time gain exposure to the social sector. I worked on a project for a technology-enabled educational venture that develops a mobile app to help children with autism spectrum disorder access education.

As a team of six, we collaboratively worked on assessing market opportunities around the world for our client’s product. First Step Consulting provided me with exactly what I was looking for, while also supporting me along the way to deliver the project successfully.”

From Our Valued Clients


“I am impressed with the quality and robustness of the report provided and have read every word with great interest. The findings have sparked questions which I have posed to my commercial leaders within our business. I would like to congratulate First Step Consulting again for their excellent work.”
CEO of a London Stock Exchange Listed Company
“Working with First Step Consulting was encouraging to us as a team – they confirmed ways forward that we had been considering giving us additional in-depth research and ideas that provided us the focus we were needing.”
Co-founder of a UK-based Social Enterprise
“Our work with First Step Consulting gave us an in-depth view of our core market enabling us to size our market and develop our pricing strategy. We were thoroughly impressed by the team’s diligence, professionalism and communication throughout the project and look forward to working with First Step on future projects.”
Co-founder of a Healthcare Startup
“We worked with First Step Consulting on a strategically important piece of research to help identify the most important market sectors and product applications for a new internet publishing platform.

The results far exceeded our expectations. Not only did the project team present some extremely interesting findings, they also went out of their way to identify competitive products and use that information to benchmark some of the findings. These findings were structured in an Excel file that has enabled us to apply different sets of assumptions and this has been invaluable in terms of our own analysis.

Throughout the project there was excellent communication with periodic meetings at key milestones as expected. Our overall impression of First Step Consulting is that they are a highly capable and professional organisation who deliver excellent results. We will undoubtedly employ their services again and I have no hesitation in recommending First Step Consulting.”

CTO of a London-based Digital Startup
“First Step Consulting did a competition analysis for us and demonstrated excellent skills in terms of understanding the brief. They showed an awareness of both business and business challenges even though the market is not an obvious one and the competition landscape is complex.

The team worked excellently together and presented their work and progress cohesively in both progress meetings and the final presentation. They demonstrated strong analytical skills and were able to address specific problems and offer a great list of suggestions and recommendations. They have contributed invaluably to the business as the level of quality and skill is something that we don’t have in house let alone the time investment they made which is beyond what’s possible for a start up social enterprise.

We are tremendously grateful for their contribution, enthusiasm and support.”

Founder of a Social Venture
From Our Generous Supporters


“My students have always been asking if I could help them find any opportunities to gain hands-on experience. Finally I am able to say “yes” and happy to tell them about First Step Consulting.”
“My time as a mentor has been great for two reasons: the guys are smart and know how to proceed; you re-think the way you do your stuff and learn while ‘teaching’ – unique experience for me and looking forward to help more teams.”
“As a young professional, I find mentoring much rewarding. Sharing my knowledge and experience with students is a unique opportunity for me to build my leadership skills and act outside my comfort zones.”
“I truly enjoyed meeting bright students who are so enthusiastic about consulting. Being able to support them and share my experience from when I started as a junior consultant has been extremely rewarding. I believe we were learning from one another during the mentoring sessions in an enjoyable environment. I totally recommend volunteering with FSC.”
“It was a great opportunity to meet bright and enthusiastic young people and be reminded of that early excitement at the prospect of becoming a consultant. Thinking about how to tackle the interesting problems these students are working on and sharing insight from my own experience is incredibly rewarding.”
“This undertaking drives students to put theories into practice, solving problems in the real world!”
Kai Joo Jason Ho, Seasoned Entrepreneur

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